Bonfe Case Study

Regional home services powerhouse cooled costs, heated up leads, & electrified PPC results with CPOP/ MPOP Technology!


Lower Cost Per SEM Lead than Goal

($12.43 vs $100)


Lower Bounce Rate YOY

(36.42% vs 59%)


Increase in Total Users YOY

(9,257 vs 7,363)

Keys to Success:

  • Consistently monitoring calls by trade category and understanding how price impacts the influx of business to those categories to remove the guesswork out of creating offers
  • Using the MPOP™ to more efficiently and easily update offers cross-channel in real-time


  • 26% increase in users YOY when comparing May 2018 with Home & Local Services to May 2017 without. Bonfe has successfully driven higher volumes of traffic to their site with their new trade-specific segmentation and highly relevant, dynamic SEM campaigns. Getting more people to engage with your business online is essential to online growth.
  • 38% decrease in bounce rate YOY when comparing May 2018 with Home & Local Services to May 2017 without. This metric shows that not only was more traffic coming into Bonfe’s site, but more of those users found the content relevant and stuck around. This metric further solidifies confidence in the website strategy and leads to more conversion opportunities.
  • 88% lower cost per SEM lead than expected. When originally asked what a fair price for a hard lead was, Bonfe expressed anything less than $100. In May 2018, a $12.43 cost per SEM lead was achieved. The overall cost per lead was even more impressive coming in at $4.04 per lead. This effiectively shows that a smart online business strategy can cost less and still yield outstanding results (over 1,000 hard leads came from SEM efforts in May 2018).

See what Bryan Delmont from Bonfe had to say about these results:


“Home & Local Service’s approach is like nothing I’ve seen before. From optimizing my website for conversions, to leveraging automation and syndication in my online advertising, to monitoring call volume by trade and adjusting offers in real-time, Home & Local Services and the MPOP™ are truly a revolutionary solution to grow an HVAC business online.”

Bryan Delmont – Operations Manager, Bonfe Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, & Electrical